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EXPO Made You Look 01/07 – 13/08

GLO’ART organiseert van 1 juli tot 13 augustus de expositie “Made You Look”.


Made You Look, legt een focus op thema’s die spelen in de stedelijke en grootstedelijke cultuur.


Hoe manipuleer je je eigen voorkomen bij die eerste ontmoeting? Hoe stel je je als individu voor aan de wereld rondom je? Hoe kijk je zelf naar de ander met je eigen waarde?


‘Zet de roze bril maar af, bied een spiegel aan een ander, durf te kijken in plaats van te denken, sta recht en sta naakt.’


Deelnemende kunstenaars :
Karin Smits, Hilde Vanhees, Sophia Kirst, Marielle Yogi, Lydia Delic, Ingrid Paulussen, Alexandra Verkerk, Zoë Schoonbrood, Zahra Yazdani Nia en Daniela Petrovic.


Op 1 juli zal de tentoonstelling vanaf 12:00 uur voor het publiek opengaan en zal vervolgens iedere week van dinsdag t/m vrijdag & zondag van 12:00 – 17:00 uur te bezichtigen zijn.  

€ 15,- pp / Studenten € 7,50

Deelnemende Kunstenaars made you look


In portraits of society series I respond to topics that come up in the news or that strike me in everyday life. Not so much to pass judgment on it, but more to see in which direction we are moving. The chosen form and choice of materials stem from the theme and can differ per time and make my work multidisciplinary.
The headache files, PAINKILLER on a protest banner are folded banners with empty pill strips that refer to unsolved, lingering cases.


Painting has become second nature to Hilde Vanhees. Not painting feels uncomfortable. As a child she was constantly drawing, as a teenager she wanted to become a fashion designer and she worked as an architect for several years. But in the visual arts she allows herself even greater freedom to play with colours, spatiality and compositions. Although she mainly paints, she likes to regularly make experimental works such as collages, mixed media or to paint on various surfaces (eg cardboard, wood, textile). Street art is also no stranger to her. She is usually guided by her intuition and memories (real or fictional), which are intertwined with years of collected images from films, clips, magazines, music, fashion and other works of art. But always with a highly developed sense of context, scale and own intended atmosphere.
Although the majority of her paintings contain figurative elements, sometimes with a surrealist side, lately she has been leaning towards more abstract work. The one time with a hint of sensuality, the other time she refers to the soul stirrings of people. In any case, one often recognizes her accurate brushwork, love for the material of paint in itself, the daring color palette and the idiosyncratic style.
Just because Hilde greedily immerses herself in the exciting adventure of art, with an infinite number of possibilities, it is inconvenient to describe her succinctly. Just undergo is the only message!


and again and again i am driven by the opposite (as in the mirror or a person) and what kind of effects men have towards eachother.
the questions of the essence of the inbetween or the gap is forcing me towards the search for a form that is not able to exist – while we are able to feel it. 
i mostly work with water and dyes on divers materials.

my oevre is influenced by nature as well as random instagram scrolling, Berlinde de Bruyckere and Pina Bausch.


The consequences of the ugliness in my head and the discomfort ness that comes from when I act as an individual, activates my ego: An attitude that my insecurity overshadows. The fading of this shade is a daily trend. The world is a stage of judgment, both my own judgment like someone else’s. And we adapt to that. I’m trying to put this trend on sale. Because what happens when the cover dries out and my truth on the light comes. This truth is my own self. In short, this is how I feel daily: The intense uncertainty and the deep desire to actually want to step forward, be honest how I actually feel me instead of manipulating this with that one so-called ‘pink glasses’. With my work I show my discomfort, my insecurity but also my vulnerability. Actually, I personally see this as beauty, depicted in both figurative, metaphorical and placard-like images.


Through recognizable visual statements, dreamlike in their contents and form, I transposes suggestible atmosphere from my previous painting series of ambience and into the wave in the imaginatively transformed physical space of the galleriy.

In my work time represents the coexistence of all the other levels of existence, it differs from the line, space or number, or any other category perceptible by the reason, because a large part of the things built on the experiences derived from these events is not located in the realm of the directly visually perceptible things.

In the intersection of space that is visible and space that thinks, in my paintings Position 1 and position 2, I was trying to temporarily suspend the everyday life and in an intimate conjunction of my own internal space make the viewer an active participant through an experience that is close to meditation.
I enable the viewer to project the contents of offered and unconsciousness onto the images offered and thus initiate or resume discovery and measuring of their own internal space.

Lidija represented Montenegro on the Biennale of Venice in 2022.


A portrait that balances between painting and sculpture.

I am an intuitive painter, I only paint from my feeling. I always look for balance in my paintings.
Balance in color, composition and form.
Balance in the rough and smooth, the painted portrait and the sculpture through the use of paper.
Only when all this is present does my painting feel good to me.

The portraits are often random women, girls from magazines, internet, billboards.
Portraits that appeal to me through their expression.
Their facial expression is the basis. (the eyes are the most important in this, they are a representation of the soul).
They tell me what needs to be done now, what choice I have to make in the further creation and making process of the painting.

I always feel it as a game between the chosen portrait, the canvas and me.
An interplay of making choices, excitement, fun, discovery, making mistakes and making new decisions in the creation process.
The portrait is only finished when it tells my feeling, my world of experience.



After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1986, Alexandra Verkerk and other graduates established Ata’nohr, a creative space and community for artists. To this day, Alexandra has remained working in the same studio. Alexandra has produced an extensive oeuvre of artworks using a variety of materials, with an emphasis on oil paintings.

The main theme of her work is the relationship between different spaces and perspectives.

An abstract interpretation of nature, geometry, architecture, interiors and combinations thereof are signature styles in her work. The research of perspective is the main priority, more so than the expression of her refined painting skill.

In her recent series, “Nature Strikes back”, these themes are especially apparent. The series displays the dynamic interaction between nature and mankind with a critical environmental message. Throughout her work, Alexandra incorporates subtle storytelling using hidden personal elements.

In recent work, a delicate balance between paint and fabric is realized. The process requires careful planning and consideration. Therefore, the painting blueprint is digitally composed before any paint touches the canvas. This highlights the non-intuitive way of her painting process.



Zoë is inspired by Berlinde de Bruykere, Marcel Mariën, Jospeh Beuys, Francis Bacon, Yorgos Lanthimos and Leonard Cohen.  

Her work is about transience, which actually stands for renewal. The skin is key. 

The trick is to seduce the viewer under the assumption to see what he wants to see. Forms of recognition are avoided. A crude, intense and harsh combination . One that is often seen as ill, ugly and repulsive. However, if our skin is one of our largest organ then what for not our most important and treasured asset ? It breathes. It grows. It touches. It scratches. But soft, always soft … even when it stings.

We behold subtle lines on glass. Placed in front of a rough canvas.

“The shadows become visible and are more important than the ‘fill’ – the skin itself, which has always been a main part of my work.”
The simple sketch that everything starts with. Literally exposing its true essence by unfolding it as a finished work on itself


The process of dreaming and my surrounding is an important source of material for me, where I can explore, collect and fantasize,
Through a one-month residency in GLO’ARTS, I did many photo shooting and also I gathered my dreams, little by little the characters, their belongings and the overall atmosphere revealed themselves to me and a story springed to life.



Daniela Petrovic is an artist, photographer, and art director. She has been involved in art and photography since her childhood. In 2021, she graduated from the art academy in Maastricht. Her focus is mainly on the human, culture and nature. She often addresses societal themes, which she finds inevitable and inescapable. Her creative process is an dance between imagination and technique, constantly pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to express her artistic vision.

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