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EXPO iNbetweeN ideNtities 10/09 – 16/10

The annual exhibition ‘iNbetweeN’‘ by GLO’ART for Visual Arts, Design and Culture in Neerharen (Lanaken), will take place this year under the name iNbetweeN Identities from September 10 to October 16. The exhibition iNbetweeN Identities reflects on themes that play in urban and metropolitan culture.

In response to themes such as connection, faith, culture, gender, well-being and identity, we want to reflect on the positions taken by the participating artists.

Chequita Nahar (guest curator) and Zoë Schoonbrood (art director) have invited several artists who relate their work to these themes and thus occupy a relevant place in the professional field.

For example, with the project David Bade draws Heerlen under the table, David Bade shows the different communities and individuals living in Heerlen, thereby making the richness and diversity of the city visible. Fabrice Hermans makes the different ‘bodies’ visible, dissected from car bodies.

In addition to already renowned artists, the exhibition also shows the work of a number of talented students from the Provinciale Kunsthumaniora PIKOH and recent graduates from PXL Hasselt.
A number of Visual Arts Master’s students from the Netherlands and Germany were also selected who work within the theme of the exhibition or who are inspired by it.

This second edition of iNbetweeN Identities is the start of a new direction that the art center wants to use to shape the role they want to play within the Arts Field in the South.

That is why the Open Art Space in Maastricht will start in the Pieterstraat at the same time as the exhibition in Neerharen (Lanaken). The Open Art Space will present a program of exhibitions, talks, workshops, projects and educational activities from September 12 to November 13.

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