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“My artwork consists of linear drawings put together in one image, in a synthetic way, to create a new type of visual experience. Hundreds of drawn objects create spaces and forms, forcing one to spread his vision over the paper in order to succeed in capturing as much information as possible. Furthermore, my work has a commentary intention. Through it I want to comment on civil spaces, life in big cities and the anarchic architectural structures found in them. I try through my work to reconsider what beauty is. I make my own calendar, a social wall, full of memories and information. I purposefully omit the third dimension since I want to insist on the obliteration of the value of images via their endless projection in all sorts of media. The process I follow can be characterized as brainstorming where a single word can prompt hundreds of images. In summary, my work is based on my passion for drawing, a passion I have had since I was very young and one which helps me understand the world.”


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