“For the first time, I decided to make my paintings a construct from the very outset. Although delivered as an imitation of a photograph, the scenes in question are not documentary (even if it was staged), but rather a complex scene created through digital manipulation and then transferred into the medium of painting. It is at the same time the falsification of reality, as well as its product.”


From The Borremans Show N°0059

Group of people

80 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas

Martina And Bulldog N°0058

In art history dog had the only function of decorating the scene, increasing the impression of sweetness or creating some tension in the painting. This painting shows my girlfriend Martina walking with her bulldog in the nature. This is a contemporary way of representing escape to the nature, also a bit ironic, cause of the breed which was created by man and belongs to the same urban environment as his master

120 x 200 cm
Oil on canvas

Visiting Maastricht N°0060

The painting was made using a photo which was made with my mobile phone during a visit to Maastricht with fellow artists from Glo'Art.
It was first of our weekend excursions, and we were still kind of strangers to each other. This is why everybody is shown from the back, without characterisation. Although it is painted realistically the street is also chosen so it is not recognizable at first look, it could rather be any of Maastricht streets

100 x 150 cm
Oil on canvas

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