“I have had different projects with drawings and paintings. The main purpose is hoping to find a way for my art to carry a positive message to the world. I don’t know how. Sometimes it looks like the opposite. I try to be honest too, and I try to express my opinion, and I try to find the human in man and woman. So far, everything in my art has been to do with human beings, portraits are the main topic.”


Batman And Robin In MoMA’s World N°1316

This painting is one of Pedaman paintings. Pedaman is a Super hero like Batman, Superman or Spiderman... Pedaman takes me back to my childhood. I utilised children's drawings as sketches for Pedaman paintings. Why Pedaman ?? Peda is my nickname and "pedi" means "Child"in Greek. Pedaman is a Super hero, a child in the body and mind of a man. That was the inspriration behind these paintings, hoping to find a way for my art to carry a positive message to the World.

190 x 140 cm
Mixed technique

Split Personality N°0264

Two canvases, an enface portrait with a few centimeters space between. The portrait is meant to reflect the real life model, to be realistic (refers to my masters exhibition A Portrait of a man).

Diptych 140 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas

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