“My work is mainly focused on painting scenes/atmospheres. I want to hold on to the influence of events from everyday life on people in different situations, places and buildings, carrying their own story from past interlaced with present. My characters are happy children, lost youngsters and apathetic adult people, all trapped in a society where there exists a strong feeling of decomposition of the values of order and structure.”


"Hey This Bridge Looks Like Our Stonebridge" N°0125

My basic idea was to find similarity between Maastricht and Skopje. In Maastricht I saw old bridge and at the moment I recognized the stone bridge

200 x 300 cm
Oil on canvas

"Coffee - Bookstore Dominicanen " N°0007

"Coffee - Bookstore Dominicanen" is ambiant / cadre from my first visit to the town Maastricht.

It is the Dominican Cathedral on 13th century but today it functions as a modern coffee / bookstore and it is one of a few converted old cathedrals in the World.The dominican Cathedral in Maastricht and part of my self - portrait presented from different points of view.

Hristina Stojchevska, Skopje | Macedonia

"Coffee - Bookstore Dominicanen"
180 x 360 cm
Oil on canvas

"portrait of a girl with wet hair" N°0124

Portrait of girl sunbathing on the beach

This is unusual portrait for me, there is interesting hair in chaos above beautiful girl face


"portrait of a girl with wet hair"
150 x 230 cm
Oil on canvas

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