“Monika Bulanda’s work uses her own unique mixed-media technique that she calls ‘3D multi-dimensional acrylic collages’. Her works concern multi-faceted aspects of present-day issues from a global point of view in the digital era. Highly detailed pieces touch the viewer from an emotional perspective, and also inspire by the abundance of pixel-like mosaics combined with different media. The subjects of her art tackle the inconsistencies, excesses and echoes of the past one hundred years and how they affect the present. Her pieces are reminiscent of pop art and even take the audience on a time travel experience.”


Ye Gong Hao Long N°0975

The story connected to this work is based on ancient Chinese legend. There was a man called Ye Gong who loved dragons in his home everything , including the walls, windows, doors and even articles of daily use, were decorated with dragon designs. A real dragon was quite impressed when it heard about this, so ik went to visit Ye Gong.
However, when it struck its head through the window Ye Gong was frightened and ran away.

170 x 125 cm
Mixed media on wood

Observer Effect N°0976

This interactive work is a trial to set out to discover what is unforseen in space of abstraction. On one hand I refer to the audience to look further at the power and control mechanisms on the other hand. I want each individual to absorb itself in a whole new altered dimension and question of reality.

90 x 90 cm
Mixed tecniques

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