- GLO'ART POP-UP STORE is open every 
  Friday      12.00 - 18.00
  Saturday  12.00 - 18.00
  Sunday    12.00 - 18.00

- Nieuwstraat 13

  6211CR Maastricht

- FREE Entrance

- Live painting

- All the artworks are for sale and lease.

POP-UP Gallery GLO'ART for sale & leasing of CONTEMPORARY ART


We are very pleased to offer you a glance into the world of GLO'ART in Maastricht. 

In our new POP-UP Gallery in the Nieuwstraat, in between the Market Square and shopping avenue de Grote Staat, everyone is welcome to take a look around and experience a fine selection of our collection back at the domain in Neerharen (Belgium).


The World of GLO'ART

The collection at the POP-UP Gallery is curated by Bryan Claessen and Zoë Schoonbrood, and designed to introduce visitors to the wonders the global art center in Neerharen (Lanaken, Belgium) has to offer. All of the art at the gallery in Maastricht is for sale or available for leasing purposes, for both individuals as well as companies and organizations looking to decorate their office facilities with art. 


International artists and the 'artist in residence' program

GLO'ART is a global art center where young artists from all corners of the world have worked and lived since November 2013. Over the years, this resulted in an impressive collection of contemporary art, exhibited in a lush open air gallery and a number of indoor exhibition spaces. With a festive grand opening in June 2019, GLO'ART was open to the public at large for the first time ever! 


Get to know us, come and visit GLO'ART!

Our POP-UP Gallery aims to bring the world of GLO'ART to those still unfamiliar with our global art center, and to connect art-loving audiences to wonderful contemporary art created by artists from Russia, Cuba, China, Iran, Iraq, India, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, the United States, Canada, the UK and many more countries.



Each work exhibited in our POP-UP Gallery is for sale. We have an interesting art lease formula that enables you to purchase the art after a certain period of time, or you can lease without any obligation to buy.