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Photo Expo: 24/04 – 05/06

Duo Franciscus & Franciscus – Amsterdam
Hanneke Wetzer – Eindhoven
Ljubica Denkovic – Novi Sad
Anna Hoffman – St Petersburg
Lennert Berx – Genk


Toont de artistieke vrijheid van de fotograaf.
Een zoektocht naar identiteit, je gezelschap in quarantaine of je bescherming in tijden van oorlog.

Duo Franciscus & Franciscus

Franciscus & Franciscus zijn de gebundelde krachten van de kunstenaars F. Franciscus (1959, Utrecht, Nederland) en Rienus Gündel Franciscus (1967, Dordrecht, Nederland).

Het kunstenaarsduo verwierf faam met hun fotografische portrettenserie ‘After Memling”. Zij ‘schilderen’ met digitale middelen geïnspireerd door de portretkunst van Vlaamse meester Hans Memling. In 2015 werkten zij vier maanden aan deze serie op voordracht van het Mondriaanfonds op Curaçao.

Met de serie ‘Pelgrimage’ sloeg het duo een nieuwe weg in. Zij werden geïnspireerd door de monniken geschilderd door onder andere Zurbarán, Rembrandt en Greco. Met hedendaagse styling veranderen de modellen in reizigers, kruisvaarders, vluchtelingen en stadsnomaden.
Het combineren van het schilderen met digitale middelen en klassieke portretkunst levert, mede door puntgave detaillering, surrealistisch aandoende beelden op die moeilijk te dateren zijn maar wel een nostalgische sfeer ademen.

Werk van Franciscus & Franciscus is tentoongesteld in Nederland, Belgie, Curaçao, Frankrijk, Rusland, Duitsland, Verenigde Staten.

Hanneke Wetzer

“There is a lockdown coming and you are single. You don’t have anyone to cuddle with during all those lonely months. What to do? Then you look for a partner in crime so that both can remain mentally healthy. Since flights were already canceled, I was forced to send my bff Nadiah over by mail. Now that she is here we support each other and we share all the little moments of happiness.”

Hanneke Wetzer staged all kinds of domestic and intimate situations of herself with Nadiah, where it is not immediately clear that Nadiah is a (sex) doll. The series, which continues still, will later be shown in its entirety at Pennings Foundation in the exhibition Art in Corona Time.

Ljubica Denkovic
Novi Sad


The thematic thread encompassing the entire series of my photographs is recognizing, naming, and accepting alienated emotions, neglected parts of the self, the aspects of human existence we dread from with no real reason. The kind of photographs resulting from my nighttime rides necessitates my incessant movement, questioning the limits of the known over and over again, succumbing to the adventurous drive without a pre-formulated goal. Committing to the creative process I let photography turn into an expression of genuine emotion. Abstract layers of combining mutually, intertwining like a collage with the spatially visible silhouettes, creating surreal scenes for safe exploration of emotional bodies and objects.

Going with the flow of the process, instead of trying to manage it, has resulted in an authentic artistic expression: from an inarticulate sense, the individual truth takes on a universally recognizable form. Invisible internal turmoil and emotional threads of sadness, separation, and loneliness find a visual expression in my open and mobile studio space. I am not pursuing any landmarks or tourist attractions. On the contrary: my method turns the notion of tourist photography into an irony. The locations attracting to me are marginalized, neglected, and unfrequented. I am prone to immersing into other people’s emotional bodies and with the mood and rhythm of the city, intertwining with all of them, with the collective street feel, with emotional boulders blocking certain spaces.

Anna Hoffman
St Petersburg

Most people do fine art photography to escape from reality and create the illusion of a beautiful world. I am no exception.
Since childhood I had a special sharpened vision, heightened sensitivity and emotionality. I chose photography as the only sure way to help me express all the things that my eyes wanted to say.
I grew up in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It filled me with magical architecture, visual art, classical music and … rules. The rules of conduct, good manners, my family’s strict morality, the Christian commandments. Now I’m taking photos to break all these rules. To fight, to stop being “nice” to others.

My art education allows me to move freely within the art historical eras. Often I apply this knowledge into the frame to comprehense deeper the idea of shooting or to include the additional meanings and symbols into scenario .
Over the years, taking more and more photos, I realized the fact that people wishing to experience and to act like I do – they want to crush their internal moral bounds and dogmas. The slogan I use when describing my photo, “the theatre of photography”, originates exactly there.

Lennert Berx


Mox is een fotografisch project dat vastlegt hoe de moderne samenleving van Chernobyl co – existeert met de overblijfselen van de kernramp die plaatsvond in 1986. Vreemd genoeg heeft de mensheid deze plek nooit verlaten. Een plek met aanhoudende gevaren, en waarvan bekend is dat het ernstige gezondheidscomplicaties heeft veroorzaakt en in veel gevallen zelfs een pijnlijke dood gecorreleerd aan een langdurig verblijf.

Chernobyl is een perfect voorbeeld van hoe wij als mensen onszelf in een constante vicieuze cirkel van vernietiging door evolutie en evolutie door vernietiging begeven.

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