“Creating a work is like building a whole new world with different colors, atmospheres and characters. It has its own scent, light and sound. Many times I have thought that my need to create these environments resulted from not being content with the world as it is. I don’t like grey buildings, concrete and the introverted color palette. I like life to be like an opera, expressive and spectacular. I know now that I like to play with all that is here, the materials and creatures around us. I make work as an ode to life, not as a critic. I am interested in the mystical and what is impossible to put into words. In modern art, beauty has lost its importance and has become secondary to the concept. I am not so interested in that. I want to amaze, I want to celebrate. I want to get lost in the aesthetics, to be drowned in symbolism and fairy tales. I want to give you a moment when you don’t need to think.”


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