Cycle “B”

“Using clear visual elements, my art can be described as a fantasy that contains surrealistic, allegorical and occasionally satirical elements. The figure dominates in my works in one such expressive and sometimes classic way, occupying a central place in my work. It is an inspiration and a phase of constant development and continuous artistic and philosophical research in the field of sculpture or painting. My art story is about a human being in the present, the era of technology, material values and the lack of ethics; this leads its existence into a merciless embrace of alienation. The human, encouraged by a kind of personal ‘demiurge’, tries to create his own world from a bunch of ideas that draw the limits of rationality. By idealizing the experience, knowledge is the only result of this personal experience, and everything that remains, in that case, is ‘I’ now.”


"Garden of emotions" and "The Dreamers" N°0782

Part 1:
The legend claims that before emotions were creatures and they had their bodies, God decided to make a man and then he collects them and makes from their bodies to put them in the human soul.
I have shown them like they have bodies again and I picked some of them to create more poetical piece which will remind to combination of antique and modern mythology. So , I used as inspiration : greed, jealousy, shame, love, madness, fear, hatred, desire, wisdom and pleasure.

Part 2:
I was inspired with true Montenegrin story about "Three Sisters ( Tri Sorele)" . They were waiting for the whole life their husbands, sailors, to return from the ocean, but they never returned and after years and years of hope and dreams they died with faith and same desire in silence.
Sad a??
So we can see a girl in the embrace of her beloved with a hand extended to the observer, a girl who is hugging the to, while the imagination becomes a mother and a sleeping girl between them. The male figure with the dog's head represents their strength and will of their dreams.

150 x 210 cm
Acrylic plaster


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