I would like to introduce myself to you as the CEO of global art center GLO’ART, where over the past few years, we have welcomed very talented artists from all over the world.

GLO’ART is located in the Belgian border town of Lanaken and is a social, non-profit art center for gifted, global artists who are sometimes still lesser-known. Since 2013, we invite ten artists each month for a four-week stay during which their artistic skills are put to the test. GLO’ART offers every opportunity to support these artists in the best possible way, not only financially but also with facilities and on a personal level. Our aim is to come to a selection of the best artists, and to promote them and guide them towards an enviable position in the art scene, with a better name awareness.

As an entrepreneur, I have successfully done business all my life, both in Belgium and abroad. After more than fifty years I decided it was enough and that I had to start enjoying my pension. However, doing business is in my blood. Spending my days on a golf court was not what I wanted.

I have always been interested in art. After my pension, I was going to establish a painter’s club with some friends and create art myself. However, I soon realised it would be better to leave the creation to real artists. Thus, the idea grew to make a difference for those artists.

The social, non-profit art center GLO’ART was born.

I am proud to be able to inform you that we have by now received over three hundred artists from sixty countries. All their artwork can be viewed in our stunning art center GLO’ART. We have a sizeable collection of wonderful, stimulating, contemplative, narrative and confronting contemporary art of mostly young artists, beautifully displayed on an impressive and inspiring estate. It touches, moves and above all, it lives!

As a well-kept secret and a hidden gem in the valley of the Grensmaas region, GLO’ART and the artists are finally ready for the world!

I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I do,

Willy Gilissen,

CEO of Global Art Center GLO’ART
Neerharen-Lanaken, Belgium


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