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DARKO ZAREVSKI - North Macedonia

His artwork takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues, often referring to art history, popular culture, and subculture. His work explores the varying relationships between popular culture, psychology, and fine art, recalibrating human morality and the relativity of the same one.



Davide Leopizzi’s work is about myths, their values, and their power traps.

The stylistic aspects of his art are inspired by the artistic synthesis of the great Mediterranean political and spiritual institutions, from the Neolithic to the Renaissance, taking up the modular and solemn compositions through which he highlights the criticalities of idealism.

The iconic images are reshaped for concepts intended for contemporary societies. His visions are indeed full of iconologies, typical for the pop culture and street art.

His work represents art and design, starting from the fundamental basis of the act of drawing. It is generated, multiplied, and recomposed through the use of graphic techniques, acrylic, and oil painting. He presents sculptures and installation art, often with the active involvement of the viewer and the desire to open consciences towards the possibility of a new perceptual universe.

Del Piero
Group Italy

Emmanuel Lafont - ARGENTINIA

When someone asks Emmanuel Lafont when he learned to draw, he always answers that we all draw from a young age. We only unlearn it and stop doing it when we grow up.

He draws because he expresses himself better in drawings than with words. Emmanuel speaks about what is worrying and fascinating him: memories, rituals, mysteries, the passage of time, the hidden order of things, and the need to stay and leave marks.

He has always enjoyed looking at any everyday scene and finding, among so much ‘normality’, a detail that is unique and that would go unnoticed if it were not because it has been discovered: the lost look of a man sitting in the park, the nervous movement of the pinky finger of a woman traveling with him on the bus, or a picture forgotten inside a cardboard box.


Ljubica Denkovic - Servië

Ljubica Denkovic is a visual artist specialized in photography and art direction. Based on her background in painting studies, Denkovic’s practice combines different directions in photography with an interest in contemporary expression, in order to create a unique aesthetic space where the conceptual meets the visual. Her visual language and strong color palette set from studio portraits to street photography, and night experimental works. Besides photography, she plays with aesthetic categories, instilling new senses through video, animation, and graphic design.


Nadejda Lungu - Romenia

Nadejda’s work is not a criticism of the present, she is just a spectator. The subject of her works is primarily nature and the most spectacular natural phenomenon is, of course, man. Her portraits embrace the banality and the greatness of life. Each character lives its own story, recognizing only its own truth. Each character lives its own story, recognizing only its own truth. Nadejda’s task is to catch a glimpse of that personal insight. For her, art is keeping her in the present, being perfectly aware of what is happening around her.

Team France


Illustrator and artist by pure vocational obligation, Pablo was born on a sunny month of May 1987 maintaining an intense relationship with art in his childhood and adolescence, as well as with nature, birds, and Andalusian popular culture. All this will influence him as a creator and will inspire him in his narrative discourse.

Like the protagonists of a fable, the characters that Pablo draws seem to tell distant stories about invented worlds, in a constant struggle between fantasy and reality. From a distance, he reflects an ephemeral starting point for everything that represents the movement as the inner struggle. The leap into the void, the active memory, and the overprotection of what one has and does not want to lose are the engine to develop his particular vision of the everyday.

Team Spain

Miriam Vleugels - The Netherlands

Miriam Vleugels is a 54-year-old artist. She lives and works in her loft in Kerkrade at the countryside in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. She gained experience as a painter and loves to create sculptures and write texts and lyrics. Miriam has held several (solo) exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Her wish to create and express herself in painting, sculpturing, and writing is her deepest yearning. She is very grateful to always have an audience that may well forget what she said but hopefully will never forget how her art made them feel.


Robyn Pretorius - South - Africa

Robyn Pretorius’ figurative artwork explores cultural nuances and storytelling through portraiture. The aim of her work is to convey a celebration of cultural diversity within the context of various subcultures and it is an expression of textures taken from their natural environments. Robyn is inspired by the personalities and the significant moments of her encounters. In her creative process, she uses photography, experimentation of mixed mediums, and realistic portrait painting, to encapsulate an authentic visual interpretation of the subject. Central to her process is the detailed rendering of the human form in acrylic or oil paints. Robyn’s current collection of artwork is driven by the desire to record the existence of diverse identities through a globalized perspective paired with mark making and symbolism.

Team Portugal

Stefan Doru Moscu - Romenia

Stefan Doru Moscu is a visual artist, born in 1982, living and working in Brasov, Romania. He received a B.A. in Art and Restoration from the State University of Sibiu, Romania, and works with both painting and sculpture. Stefan’s surreal paintings explore society’s transformation from the past to the present. He culls inspiration from decaying objects, old photographs, pop culture, and art history to present a critical view of various social, political, and cultural issues. His works are characterized by a darker color palette and obscured figures, giving his compositions a more somber mood.

Nawaf Al Temyat
Yasser AL - Qahtani
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