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Art Talk NFT – Studio Tjep

A lecture by Frank Tjepkema owner of Studio Tjep.


Logos NFT collection and more.


Are brands the new religion? In 2001 Frank Tjepkema designed a jewellery piece consisting of 100 gold-plated world-famous logo’s shaped in a cross. He called it Bling Bling, and it is the most branded object in the world to date. Last year, to commemorate the 20th anniversary, he updated Bling Bling by adding 60 carefully curated logo’s relevant to recent developments, notably the dot-com revolution. To underline the questionable side of brands and globalism, their impact on our planet, Bling Bling 2021 also comes in a black version to symbolize oil. Bling Bling tells the story of globalism and consumerism inflated to religious proportions. The central underlying question posed by Bling Bling is: are large corporations not the contemporary version of the tower of Babylon? And is ecology not the common language they and we fail to speak?


He created Logos, a digital dominant economic system, if nothing radical changes. He proudly launched the Logos NFT collection. Frank

Art Talk @ GLO’ART 01/10 15h

Frank Tjepkema (born 1970) is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam. He works in interior design, architecture, product design and jewellery.

After growing up in Geneva, Brussels and New-York Frank Tjepkema settled in the Netherlands where he graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1996 and obtained an MA Degree from the Sanberg Instituut in Amsterdam in 1998. Frank’s graduation project on artificial nature drew immediate attention and was selected for the Droog Design collection. His relationship with Droog led to a succession of notable projects like the Do Break in 2000, the award-winning British Airways Executive Lounge at Heathrow in 2004 and the Chair of Textures presented during Art Basel Miami Beach 2006 (a Droog project in collaboration with gallery Friedman Benda).

Frank started Tjep. in 2001. In parallel to leading the design studio, Frank Tjepkema provokes audiences worldwide through his art and exhibition pieces, such as the Recession Chair, Bling Bling and Oogst. Frank’s work can be found in the world’s most influential galleries including Tajan in Paris, Droog in Amsterdam, and in major design exhibitions such as the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Cooper Hewitt and the Museum of Art and Design in New York. “I seek to create a body of work that reflects contemporary society, the times we live in. These pieces can have a certain irony yet are created with love for the subject. My more engaged and artistic approach to design can be found in gallery pieces and in the Tjep.collection. is aimed at working with a broad range of clients to create outstanding design projects infused with Tjep. soul.”

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