It is a big image with 13 people in Gothic costumes. The black man washing the foot of another man. The others are standing around and a fox is watching a man.

Tale of tales is a project about bible stories.
It is based on facts, which were happened in a holy Thursday, before betrayal of Judas. This Story was shot in a contemporary modern building, models were dressed in Gothic costumes. The whole composition looks like a theater scene.
The theatricality - is the main task that I have achieved in this shooting. Much attention is paid to poses and faces of models, because each of them has apostolic character.
This shooting is a symbioses of past and future events in the life of humanity. Each apostle dressed as a monk and the king - are future Christian kings and saints.
Animals in the shooting have their own symbolic meaning. Some of them - sacrifice , the other part - seers, symbols of cunning , treachery.
Only in a scene "Food Washing " Jesus looks alive. In the next scenes he is dead with blooded hands after been crucified. It symbolizes his acceptance of his own death.
Stories with fights and confrontation of the apostles, it is also allusion of the future, where the church will be fight with science, heretics, new religion n every way.
The actor in the role of Jesus was selected African / American, because most of the events of Holy Thursday - symbolizing the equality between humans. Teacher is a disciple , Judas is a Christ. there is no difference between nationalities.