Tijdelijk gesloten t.e.m. 1 Februari


“The work ‘Witch of Grich’ that I made at GLO’ART later became my master’s piece. It was based on a book ‘The Witch of Grich’ written by a Croatian writer, Marija Jurić Zagorka. Throughout all of my previous work, I was making lots of portraits, so this was a logical sequence. I tried to portray a few of the main characters from the book. Zagorka’s work is both fictional and historical. She is writing about places in my home town of Zagreb that exist today, that you can walk through and where you can imagine all of the events from the book. She is writing about witch-hunting in the 18th century. Characters I was portraying are a role model of how to stay firm in your own endeavour but also true to your moral and human persuasions. My work is a contribution to the re-evaluation of a work by Marija Jurić Zagorka. As an author she contributed to Croatian history, literature, journalism and the struggle for gender equality. Since my master’s, a few exhibitions later, I have put my artistic life on hold. I am currently studying and working on historic building restoration in Croatia.”


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