In series Lake, Denkovic combines documentary approach and digital manipulation in order to create scenes reminiscent of fantasy/horror genre. She continues to focus on a female figure, as in many of her previous works, combining it this time with landscape photography. The melancholic atmosphere surrounds a lonely female figure which at times rises from the lake, or simply exists within it, under or above the water. By applying digital manipulation, Denkovic gradually adds several extremities that change the tone of silence in these photographs. Their subtle multiplication perfectly fits into surrounding landscape, yet it leaves us frozen in confrontation with creatures from the subconscious fears. Reminding of sirens damned to exile, or of drowned victims in post-mortem life, the figures simply exist in the lake, showing no interest in us. Yet, we feel threatened in confrontation with them, and our blood slowly freezes.
Every segment of these photographs reflects Denkovic's precision in digital manipulation, mostly the concentric circles spreading at the surface of the water at the place where a body touches it. These hyper realistic moments make these scenes of fantasy strongly realistic, effective and memorable.