A Cantonese opera costume made of Euro coins ( 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent ), beer cans and paracord
Drinking is common culture of Western and Eastern societie. As a HongKong artist I make a connection with Belgium, 2 different cultures.
Beer plays an irreplaceable role in daily European life.
In Eastern culture drinking is escaping from real life, in Western drinking is happyness.
Thsi is traduitional difference.
The garment is based on Eastern culture with a Belgium mix. Colors of the Belgium Flan as well as beercans from Belgium beer.
Garment made in coins, due o original warriors armour was made of bronze parts.
This woman starts making molotov cocktails because she is disappointed with her social status. Maybe in the past she was milkmaid but in these days that profession is disrespected and almost impossible, even forbidden in home conditions because of so many laws and big industry.