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“The internal emotional tremors rise to the surface of the physical body in front of my camera lens. The series of photographs are created through a cruel and subtle game of assembling, distorting and permeating the bare body part. We are exposed to the bodies deformed by the destructive effect of emotions: decapitated bodies, sprained, twisted, disjointed or even tripled, but never grotesque. Everything is harmonious in that distortion, because no one can dispute the naturalness of the emotion (no matter how unbearable it is). In the same manner as water, emotion always finds its way: sometimes quietly eroding the parts for decades, yet sometimes a destructive flood breaks through in an instant. Only when it ravages us do we acknowledge its worth. Surreal bodies enable us to touch the invisible. They call us to accept frustration as an entrance hall of transformation: - It’s the place where I become the highest expression of myself.”


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€ 320,00


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