Tijdelijk gesloten t.e.m. 1 Februari


“My practice is predicated, both conceptually and structurally, upon an inter-medial exploration of a set of relations between (my) subjective internal processes and spaces that surround me. I find it possible to elucidate, expand and transform internal personal spaces of atmosphere, dreams, memories and imagination through their transposition into the physical space of a gallery. The point of departure of my approach is an understanding that the world around us is not a system of pre-defined objects and concepts to which we come and choose rationally, but that it is rather a dense network of unfinished processes where seemingly stable things are nothing but a reflection of the stability of their images. Through my work I strive to create an opening which can lead a visitor from one level of reality into another, from the physical to the sensory, from a collective state into an individual physical experience.”


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