In this work I am inserting an image of myself into a new place I have encountered ( the studio ) to demonstrate the striving to find how I fit in and connect with people and places I encounter. This is part of a body of work that show my experiences of fitting in and connecting and of just being here at GLO'ART and Belgium.

As one of a twin, the experience of interacting with people can be different than normal. When you appear in public with your twin, it is a performance People look at you and as a twin you want to connect with people in a meaningful and intense way. You are not interested in superficial relationships. This is also in reaction to my prvious work, which dealt with social media and how people connect and display identity on istagram. I want to do the same with this body of work for GLO'ART, but this time painting the experience of real physical connection in the real world as opposed to the virtual. My body of work will go alongside my twin sister's ( Alvira ) and form an experience.