Photo portrait of a crying woman with a doll, as a parody of icons. There is a hand behind a woman that holds a halo which made from the barbed wire.
In this series I used the traditional subjects of Flemish portraits, Such as : portraits of Royal family, religious paintings, portraits of rich citizens or donator, portrait of Cardinal and self portrait of artist. In every image, there is an illusion, which helps the viewer to see an analogy with modern problems. the project discussed actual issues for the modern man: changing social values, attitude of people to religion, politics, morality etc. In every image there is a fragment with the mirror, it was done for the viewer , who can see himself in every portrait.
The photo is about fake religion and fake heroes and saints. We can create idols from ordinary people or even from subjects, like a doll.
Who is the judge, that will put a halo on the head of the next hero ??
Pieces which cut from the mirror created for the viewer , who could see himself in each work.