The conceptual and compositional synergy of the work "Hyena" is based on the interaction between the explorer and the explored, which reflects prefernetial dualism and is driven by Man's ego.The work depicts a return to the roots of culture.
The intent of message is to show how variuos cultural characteristics, in their development seemingly active processes into cultural stages.
The sad truth emerges that our socio cultural is just a bone, a remnant of the rich cultural part.
Our intrinsic ego, in the form of the hyena, fills to clutch our unfulfilled desires, symbolized by the bone.
Not realized is the fact that the short illustrated gratification ( the flesh ) has long since vanished.
Our fear of losing a self-satisfaction already prevents us from going forward in search of this sustenance. We drift upon our cultural heritage, greedily awaiting for someone to tempt us with something better than that to which we tenaccling.
Black, red and white, 3 reference points.
Black : represents the submission to the desire for the material.
Red : represents the submission to the ego for attention which originates in a struggle between a loser and a winner.
White : represents the submission to the desire of self-rightteous staisfaction which originates in the artist's illusion that by his manipulation of his cultural heritage he has climbed.