Human segments
Photography is an expression of a metamorphosis: from the initial showing people who have simply appeared before the lens to presenting all they might be(come), only if we consider all the layers and fluidity of the outer identities. It sometimes distorts meanings only to decode them from another angle; sometimes it disperses outer identities so it could rebuild them from the inside. At other times, it camouflages or over exaggerates certain individual elements in order to point to the whole or, on the contrary, to confront us with its absence. It transforms the ordinary into the miraculous to such an extent that it becomes fully questionable, making us shed our perceptive habits and the habitual mental frames like outdated contact lenses. Each photograph digresses from the horizon of expectations, not in order to invest into the shocking, but because to expect the unexpected is a simple principle of life. Negating the myriad of experiences concerning the existence (with)in a human body is impossible, unnecessary and detrimental.