Tijdelijk gesloten t.e.m. 1 Februari


“Figurist painter Max Orlitsky places the human form at the centre of nebular dynamism to parallel the evolutionary nature of the human condition. Refracted through the prism of birth, growth, maturation, extinction and hope, the artist portrays the evolution through morphing ideologies and experiences that compose individual identity. With kaleidoscopic layers of sporadic color and brisk strokes, the artist blurs all concrete associations of gender, age and ethnicity to depict a solely human form in cathartic transfiguration. He abstains from acknowledging masculinity exclusively; deeming it, like all other existential forays, a compound of synthesized philosophies that can neither be definitively isolated nor justifiably ignored. His nondescript subjects embody a continual symbiosis between the innate ‘self’ and the empirical ‘man’, sustaining a metaphysical cycle of the ‘being’ becoming a new being.”


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