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“When someone asks me when I learned to draw, I always say that we all draw from a young age. We only unlearn, we stop doing it when we grow up. I draw because I express myself better in drawings than with words. And I speak of what worries me and fascinates me: memory, rituals and mystery, the passage of time, the hidden order of things, the need to stay and leave marks. I like to tell visual stories in layers, that have several readings and interpretations and, in this way, generate a dialogue with the viewer. Tell him if something scares me and ask him if the same thing happens to him. I have always enjoyed looking around any everyday scene and finding among so much ‘normality’ a detail that is unique and would go unnoticed if it were not because it has been discovered: the lost look of a man sitting in the park, the nervous movement of the pinkie finger of a woman who travels with me on the bus, or a picture forgotten inside a cardboard box.”


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