Tijdelijk gesloten t.e.m. 1 Februari


“Being in the midst of a creative fervor, struggling with profound questions, often as eternal as history itself, with giants whose images I process anew to meet them and somehow face them – it is worth pausing, looking back and asking myself ‘Why’? The decisions that I have made since the almost immemorial times of my childhood have impacted on my life, and over the years have become filled with new meanings and new contexts. Therefore, I ask myself the following question: ‘What is my sculpting?’ It is connected largely with contradictions, the expression of tragedy, which is a part of the human condition. A sculpture is, for me, an attempt by my own spiritual condition, an attempt to understand my place in culture, in time. It is an attempt to answer the question ‘What is this ‘human condition’?’ Struggling with the material world, shaping the mass, is a fascinating bid to capture spiritual reality in a material space. It is absolutely amazing, almost unreachable, because how can we include L O G O S in clods of clay?! A sculpture is, therefore, a tragic attempt, a Sisyphean attempt, to connect something that is not to be connected. My goal is not to connect the worlds of matter and spirit – Sacrum and Profanum – in a complete way: my goal is to chase after this impossible connection, to struggle.”


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