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I work a lot with the subject of human shame – shame about our own imperfect bodies, about actions, revolutionary ideas – and violence – whether moral, emotional or aesthetic.
The significant parts of my work are about Christianity and religious dogma. I’m not a god-slayer. I believe in a Supreme Being and in the Universe. And I believe in the Human Being. I constantly question the dogmas we were so zealously raised on. These very rules have locked up our personality, our desires. Christianity exhorts us to behave, to pose. It forbids us to reveal our own ‘I’, our ego, showing us sin, punishment and inevitable hell.
I’m not trying to abuse these rules in my works. But I’m asking the viewer to see things from the other side. I’m asking for inner liberation of the individual from norms and laws. For one reason alone – to realize our own integrity and beauty.


€ 2.750,00


€ 2.750,00


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