Tijdelijk gesloten t.e.m. 1 Februari


“As an artist I try to present to the viewers situations and scenarios that question them, that force them to face their own interpretation of what they see. To do this, I paint characters and scenarios, in a realistic style, where certain elements, actions and colors hide a veil of mystery that can open doors for the viewers to feel captivated. In this sense, my work has a certain dreamlike reminiscence. Nevertheless, I prefer to use a realistic technique because it allows me to portray with detail and fidelity the inner world of my characters and their emotions. Throughout my practice I have decided to focus on the exploration of female characters since I relate to their sensitivity and I think they maintain a deeper connection with the realm of the occult and cryptic. It is also a way to explore and portray myself and my life experiences, for I recognize that I see myself in some of the women I paint. Every time I develop and finish a piece I am trying to open a door to explore myself and I want the spectators to do the same when they face my paintings.”


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