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“I am drawn to the human body, to the ways in which it is constantly changing, stretching and adjusting itself. Physical manifestations due to mental influences interest me most. While working slowly and thoroughly I form figures with the human body as a kind of catalyst or mediator between outer appearances and inner psychological states. The process of making them is of key value to me. This is when I am focused only on my work, almost meditating whilst working on it, paying attention to every detail. In order to express specific psychological insights I make clear, almost archaic forms, which are at the same time physically distorted, almost grotesque, in order to achieve social criticism.
I want to say everything and nothing. I want my sculptures to ‘scream’ everything that I have implemented in them and yet I want them to stay clear, static, their serenity questioning their function, thus provoking one to rethink them, to investigate or try to interact with them on some psychological level.”


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