“I am trying to catch the spirit in movement through the human body and to show it on a flat surface. To freeze-frame a small glimpse of movement. I was particularly interested in the architecture of classical dance choreography. Through the study of the capacity of human body movement and the history of movement, the history of the concept of the beauty of movement and how the perception of beauty is transforming through time, I started to see the connection between body and nature. The elements of nature appear in my latest paintings. Now I am trying to connect the flow of the human body with a semiotic shape of nature. The many layers of body details depict the anatomy of concrete movement by the performer. The different layers represent the feeling of motion and uncertainty. The contrast between uncertainty and preciseness makes the viewer let their imagination complete the movement: therefore to have full flow and artwork I need a viewer to complete the process.”


Evolution N°1024

This painting represents anatomy of fouette movement. A fouette is a turn in ballet which begins with the performer standing on one flat foot in plie. The working leg is extended and whipped around to the side and then bent and pulled until the foot touches the supporting knee. These movements create the angular momentum needed for one turn, which is executed by rotating in place on the supporting foot

150 x 180 cm
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Fouette N°0279

The painting depict several human bodies floating in space. They are not attached to nothing, just on white surface. They are flying, falling down and trying to wake up and continue to float.

150 x 285 cm
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Arabesque N°0334

This painting represents anatomy of arabesque movement. Arabesque is a ballet movement in which a dancer stands on one straight leg in the same time the performer moves the other leg upwards behind the body.

150 x 150 cm
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Pirouette N°0333

The sculpture represents never ending spinning of human body. Ballerina's each day work is so hard but it couldn't be showed on the stage - they should show just lightness and beauty of movement.
The upper part of body represents the lightness and easiness of body movement, bottom part of sculpture with complicated legs represents the hard work that always stays hidden in the background in this case hidden under the skirts.

155 cm x 155 cm x 195 cm
Textile, polyester, plastic, metal

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