“My artistic research aims at a contemporary reinterpretation of the most important topics in the history of art (landscape and portrait) through an equally classic technique (painting). I try to reach this goal by mixing different techniques (oil, acrylic, collage and gold leaf), supports (canvas and wood) and artistic influences (David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Peter Doig and John Currin), as well as ‘extra-artistic’ sources, such as cinema, literature and comics.”


"Taiga" N°0873

The painting is inspired by the work of those artists who had tried to discover a hidden symmetry and geometry in nature : From Gustav Klimt to Peter Doig.

70 x 70 cm
Acrylic and oil on canvas

"The Night Crawler" N°0871

The painting is inspired by the character and the life of Vincent van Gogh. The idea started as a kind of a joke, due to certain kind of similarities between the artist and one of my mates here at GLO'ART.
Then I decided to portray him as a man who looks lost in a wood ( or a park as the bench can hint ), under a night sky that want to be a quote to the famous Van Gogh painting.
The work has different kind of representation : the face of the subject is painted is painted with oil color in a figurative way, that contrasts with the flat acrylic colors of the background. The stars, depicted just with a collage of hole reinforce stickers, show their real aspect just in the reflection of the puddle, like a revelation from a magic mirror.

90 x 125 cm
Oil on canvas

"The Neighbourhood" N°0872

The aim of this painting is to pursue and rework the relation between man and nature in the Romantic poetry. This relation has been however deprived of any sublime feeling and turns into alienation and misgiving. The difference between the two ( human and nature ) is underlined by different colors and techniques : a realistic oil color for the background.

90 x 125 cm
Oil on canvas

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