“I was always fascinated by the ability to materialize the image in volume. In childhood these were dinosaurs and the characters of the Lion King cartoon. Now I focus more on classic characters. The priority for me in art is beauty. And this is how most people work, because for them there is nothing more attractive, more beautiful than the human body. This is also the main motive of my works. The body. Why do I make something that already exists? I do not know. I just enjoy the process. For me, nuances are very important, so I always observe nature.”


"The Hero" N°0991

Picture of young man who defeated a monster. The hero sits on the monster's cut-off head. In his right hand he grips the handle of the sword. The young man won, but he doesn't understand his feelings.
He wanted to win. The battle was long and hard. He came to the goal. Now he has no purpose and he is devastated.
Feathers, huge antlers, tree branches and leaves symbolize the wildness of nature.
Young smooth body-mind.

215 x 125 x 380 cm
Polyester and paint

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