“Denise Lee, an artist who cannot live without cats.

To be frank, art is not my goal. But I do believe in the power of art that is able to resonate with the public by transforming heart-wrenching or even annoying topics into provoking metaphors. Most of my works are inspired by my experience of serving the animal community in Hong Kong as a volunteer. I always strive to explore the contradictory relationship between humans and animals through art. Everyday objects and scenes are interpreted as symbolic elements in my art in a narrative but not sentimental approach. The ambiguous relationship between the objects, the audience and me is built in order to raise public awareness and social concern. So: art for art’s sake, or art for society’s sake?

I prefer the latter.”


"Drink Your Fill In High Delight" N°1045

Drinking is common culture of Western and Eastern societie. As a HongKong artist I make a connection with Belgium, 2 different cultures.
Beer plays an irreplaceable role in daily European life.
In Eastern culture drinking is escaping from real life, in Western drinking is happyness.
Thsi is traduitional difference.
The garment is based on Eastern culture with a Belgium mix. Colors of the Belgium Flan as well as beercans from Belgium beer.
Garment made in coins, due o original warriors armour was made of bronze parts.

210 x 180 cm
Euro coins, beer cans, paracord, acrylic

"Story Of Circus" N°1059

10 reasons not to attend an animal circus :
Circuses that force animals to perform, such as UniversalSoulCicus, are the cruelest shows on earth. Animals exploited in such performances are abused and punished daily.
Once you've read the following 10 reasons not to attend ciscuses that use animals, you'll never buy a ticket to one again.

1: Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Camels etc. endure the rigors of training, transporting and performances.
2: Environment
3: Big cats learn to obey, because they are afraid of punishment
4: Elephants are beaten till bleed
5: small caves / less space
6: small area when transporting
7: animals get depressed due to small caves and stress.
8: they lost their freedom completely
9: Animals get agressive
10: Getting authorities to impose meaningful sanctions on animal abusers is difficult. many cicuses have been cited by authorities multiple times but reamain in business.

90 x 360 cm
Acrylic on canvas

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