“Randalf Dilla is a hyper-surrealism artist primarily working with oil paints. In his work, he depicts a wide range of themes, drawing from his personal experiences and observations, while touching elements of culture, history and political issues. Over the past years he has received various awards from different national and international art competitions, including winning the Art Residencies program of the 12th Edition of the Arte Laguna Prize for GLO’ART. He has exhibited his artworks in various museums, galleries, schools and other venues in the Philippines. Some of his works are included in art exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong.”


Catastrophic Wind N°1357

In this picyture , it shows how difficult to survive on a strong typhoon, especially to the poorer area that usually is the most effected. People embrase their families or anything to be able to survive on the strong winds and flash floods caused by typhoon. Tear jeans symbolize the poor and the sparrow which is a typical bird from Philippines symbolizes the country

90 x 125 cm
Oil on canvas

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