“I mostly express myself through drawings, photography, installations and sculpture. At the very beginning, I portrayed my fascination with particular everyday situations which were mostly connected to the urban surrounding through drawings. These drawings were made hastily, using felt-tip and Rapidograph pens. What then emerged out of these pure linear depictions were drawings in wire, coming up to stand independently in space having only the sky or wall as a background, where noting with felt-tip pens slowly became substituted by the camera. My main themes are my environment, the city and relations between people.”


Garden N°0004

Garden is a fragile drawing presented in cold material - metal.
In my works I am transforming moments from my drawings and my photographs to linear wire drawings. My motives are my environment; usually I am inspired by people and relations between them in urban environment. In this case I was surrounded with fields, trees and gardens; therefore I felt the need to capture my feelings and my impression about this place.

185 x 245 cm
Wire, armature and acrylic paint

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